Gaia Kids Yoga sets the foundation for a lifetime of happiness, health and wellbeing.  We provide a fun way for students to develop important skills in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

We come to you and create a safe and clear space to practice.  The yoga mats are placed in circle so each person is able to see each other and be seen by all, creating a sense of community.

Each class includes yoga poses.... how we do it depends on the age group and changes with the theme of each class.  We use a variety of fun, interesting, creative and age appropriate ways to engage the students. 

Quiet time is an important part of every class.  We use guided imagery & breathing techniques to lead them into relaxation.  Each week students become more able to move deeper into meditation and will learn techniques to manage stress, focus the mind, understand their emotions, connect with others and find peace within.  

Gaia Kids Yoga program builds flexibility & strength and improves coordination, balance & posture.  In addition to the physical benefits, our program guides students to calm the mind, improve concentration & self-discipline, expand self-awareness & awareness of others, nourish their creativity & imagination and improve their self-esteem, leading to better decision making.  We teach compassion and respect for others, our environment and ourselves. 

Gaia Kids Yoga vision is that all youth will experience this powerful practice and contribute to making great positive change in the world.

Ages 3-18yrs,  Youth Groups, Kids Parties

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